Intel introduces cloud storage-enabled UAVs

The Intel Falcon 8+ System, an advanced drone with full electron

Cloud-based storage systems have been overhauled and repurposed for their debut into the commercial drone market with Intel showcasing its offering at Inter Drone 2017.

The system, which was demonstrated in Las Vegas this month, collects data that UAVs collect across all industries.

Once collected the application will allow the vehicles to process and analyse data as well as produce reports.

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The cloud-based system Insight, which was designed by Intel alongside Delair, is “capable of generating 2-D and 3-D models, taking measurements, and making annotations for sharing across teams, as well as running advanced data analytics like change detection and plant counting.”

According to Intel, the platform aims to make all gathered data in agriculture, construction, oil and gas as well as other industries as valuable and useful as possible.

Vice president of Intel’s New Technology Group, Anil Nanduri, said: “With Intel Insight Platform, we look forward to working with customers to manage large complex data sets and help provide them with automated analytics and uncover new insights.”

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