Intel’s drone tech illuminates night skies

Intel Corporation flies 2,018 Intel Shooting Star drones over it

Intel’s Shooting Star Drones have been bringing magic to the skies over Universal Studios Hollywood in a new night-time experience.

The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle projection show culminates in a spectacular light show as drones, powered by Intel’s technology, form a stag in the sky.

The show launched earlier this year and includes a range of effects including projection mapping before the seamless integration of Intel’s drones, which synchronise to form complex shapes in the sky.

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The Harry Potter-themed show marks one of the more magical forays Intel has made into the world of drone technology.

The Shooting Star tech was also used recently for a light show at the US Air Force Academy where drones formed the shape of planes and other Air Force symbols in the night sky.

Intel’s tech was also used to create the cover of Time Magazine using almost 1000 drones back in 2018.

Light shows aren’t the only way Intel is using its drone tech as the Intel Falcon 8+ drone was also used to carry out an aerial inspection of the Great Wall of China.

A statement reads: “An important computing platform for the future, drones can help people work and they can delight in night-time aerial spectacles. “Intel’s leaders are positioning the company to provide the compute, sensor, communications and cloud integration for the growing drone ecosystem.”

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