International breakwater survey deploys drones for industrial surveying and assessment


Terra Drone Europe has partnered with Dutch firm deep as part of industrial surveying and assessment work carried out by drone.

Taking place in Guatemala, the companies put a DJI Phantom 4 RTK to work after making a purchase from UK-based DJI reseller, Heliguy.

Discussing how the drone assisted in the work, Terra Drone Europe described how by combing hydrographic survey data with aerial survey data, it was possible to create a seamless 3D model showing features above and below the water level.

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A spokesperson for Terra Drone Europe told Heliguy: “The Phantom 4 RTK was chosen for its high accuracy to determine the photo positions. We believe and have demonstrated that the number of ground control points can be greatly reduced by using this drone.”

They said the uninterrupted view provides significant insights in to complicated spaces and the data produced supports key decision making.

Terra Drone Europe collected survey data using the new Phantom 4 RTK along a series of breakwaters and intertidal beach fronts.

From this, Terra Drone Europe could deliver a high-density point cloud and merge with hydrographic survey data.

Last year, Skeye was acquired by Terra Drone, from Japan. Following this acquisition, Terra Drone has become one of the largest drone service companies with more than 250 employees and presence in six continents.

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