Introducing the Thales TALIOS Pod


The TALIOS pod has been co-designed with warfighters to reflect the experience accumulated during several generations of pod design and decades of pod operations.

The co-design tasks are performed with Image’inn innovation lab, a user-centric tool used by Thales to understand customer issues, capture their need, and assess engineers’ proposed solutions in a real-world database to simulate the various operational environments.

The pod can perform from long range “Air interdiction mission” to short-range “close-air-support missions” by day and night, collect information during Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Recce missions or provide Positive IDentification beyond visual range during A/A missions.

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The main milestones of the TALIOS program are:

  • A contract award end of 2013.
  • The maiden flight of the prototype in April 2016.
  • Leading to its qualification by French MoD in December 2018.

The deliveries for French and Export customers started in 2019, while the “Combat Proven” status was successfully achieved in November 2020. New functions development flight trials have begun with French MoD since April 2021.

The feedback from users is excellent:

Ø Pilots having flown with previous generation products describe the pod as a game-changer. High performances of pod sensors are recognised as excellent, enabling them to see at a more extended range. Pod functions such as Moving Targets Detection or categorised flags improve the situation awareness of the crew.

Ø Pod reliability is praised by the maintainers. For example, the two fleet leader pods deployed for OPEX on FOB have logged more than 1000 flight hours without failures.

TALIOS missions and functions:


Ø Day/Night target detection, recognition and identification

Ø Moving Targets Detection for enhanced Situational Awareness in complex environments

Ø Permanent Vision: real-time imagery integrated into a 3D mapping display

Ø Long-range laser designation, eye-safe ranging and tracking

Ø Compatible with laser, INS/GPS and imagery-guided weapons

Ø Attacks in autonomous or cooperative mode, using integrated laser spot tracker, laser marker and datalink

Advanced Recce

Ø Preplanned and opportunity modes

Ø Step and stare patterns allowing large swaths in high resolution

Ø Compatible with Artificial Intelligence ensuring Automatic Targets Detection / Recognition

Ø Air-to-Air positive identification by day and night

Ø Integrated Navigation FLIR

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