Iprosurv drone fleet to use Sentera software as companies partner


UK aerial survey, inspection and mapping provider Iprosurv has entered into a partnership with US-based agricultural surveying specialist Sentera.

A statement from the UK company said that the move “will change the way agricultural risks are managed and insured in the UK”.

The agreement will see Iprosurv’s fleet of 400 drones make use of Sentera’s technology.

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This includes its full suite of sensors, software and analytics, which will enable Iprosurv to bring a new level of analytical detail to crop management, and provide growers with the insight necessary to react before a crop is lost.

Using colour and multi-spectral imagery to create a field heat map, the new tech gives growers and their insurers a level of data and insight that has not been available previously, the companies revealed.

The sensors provided by Sentera determine the health of a crop by analysing the light reflected by the crop leaves, down to individual plants. This allows the software to map out the health profile of a crop, enabling growers and insurers to take immediate and targeted remedial action. 

This allows insurers to underwrite at a much more granular level which should lead to more accurate premium pricing and claims pay-outs for growers. 

Rebecca Jones, CEO and co-founder of Iprosurv, predicted that the new capabilities would fundamentally change the way agricultural risks in the UK are managed and how insurers understand and price them.  

“The traditional approach to surveying crops requires boots on the ground, visual inspection and often lengthy analysis of individual plants,” she said. “This is time consuming and, more importantly, can often be inaccurate but this partnership with Sentera means our drones can provide growers and their insurers with a detailed analysis of a crop’s condition, and it’s likelihood of failure, within hours.

“With Sentera’s tech on board, our drones can provide minutely specific data on a crop’s condition, predicting the yield and extent of any damage. Farming is becoming more and more automated and specialised and this technology is a significant addition to the modernisation of farming in the UK.” 

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