Iris Automation announces first onboard 360-degree detect-and-avoid system


San Francisco-based Iris Automation has announced the launch of its new Casia 360 – the first onboard, 360-degree detect-and-avoid solution for UAS.

Thanks to integrated computer-vision algorithms a drone utilising the Casia 360 system can make intelligent decisions regarding other aircraft.

This system allows a safer beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight, giving an automatic alert to the pilot as well as triggering an automated manoeuvre to avoid the potential collision.

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Iris said that the Casia system is a combination of hardware and software that is lightweight, low power and small in size.

It has undergone extensive testing, with real-world test flights and mid-air collision scenarios.

“Casia 360 allows a drone to have a complete sense of its surroundings so it can avoid potential collisions from any direction,” said Iris Automation CEO Alexander Harmsen. “We developed this technology based on feedback from our customers and regulatory bodies around the world.

“It enables drones to be used for an even greater range of long-distance use cases and saves money, increases safety and unlocks applications across multiple industries: railway, energy sector, utility powerline inspections, package delivery, and life-saving search and rescue operations.”

The Casia 360 is available for preorder now.

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