Iris Automation selected as detect-and-avoid provider for ZM Interactive


Iris Automation has been selected as the detect and avoid (DAA) provider to ZM Interactive (ZMI) drones.

The move enables ZMI customers to conduct BVLOS operations.

ZMI said Iris is the critical missing piece that takes commercial drone operations from theoretical to functional, by enabling UAS to fly BVLOS.

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The Iris Automation Casia system is a turnkey solution that detects, tracks and classifies other aircraft and makes intelligent decisions about the threat they may pose to the drone.

It then triggers automated manoeuvres to avoid collisions, and alerts the pilot on the ground in command of the mission.

ZMI manufactures the xFold drone – an industrial, military-grade UAV that comes in a variety of different sizes and configurations.

Starting today, ZMI will provide the option of Casia integrated onto all of its drone platforms.

Combined, the two companies provide customers with an all-in-one package ready for advanced missions, including safe BVLOS operations.

Alexander Harmsen, Iris Automation’s CEO, said: “This collaboration between Iris Automation and ZMI allows xFold drone customers to use their drones to their full potential.”

Adding: “Having drones pre-equipped with the option for advanced BVLOS capabilities is a basic requirement the industry will soon expect to see on all drones out-of-the-box.”

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