ISO proposes first ever set of global drone standards

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The International Standards Organisation has unveiled the first set of voluntary global drone rules, aimed at making global airspace a safer place to fly.

Businesses and professionals alike are preparing to give recommendations on the proposals before a finalisation process in the early part of 2019.

According to a report from the Telegraph, the rules will form a voluntary code of practice and become the first set of international standards for drone pilots, professionals and operators to follow.

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Drone expert at the International Standards Organisation (ISO), Robert Garbett, said: “Most drone makers are doing everything they can, but some don’t use existing materials. They may not come from an aviation background, for example.”

He added: “Everybody across the industry believes drones can be safe and of great benefit to mankind. Operators and service providers alike are keen to establish a baseline.”

The proposals set out so far include an ‘etiquette’ around no-fly zones, geo-fencing technology which can stop flights in restricted areas similar to the one implemented by DJI earlier this year and flight logging requirements.

Training and maintenance standards are also integral to the plans which have also called on drone operators to ensure the hardware and software used is up to date.

The proposals comes just days after a drone pilot was fined for the first time in the UK for causing a near ‘catastrophic’ collision with a police helicopter.

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Drone pilot fined for first time in UK after near ‘catastrophic’ collision with police helicopter

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