ITV spreads ‘drones for good’ message with prime-time show


ITV’s ‘999: Britain from Above’ programme aired at 8pm on Monday evening and spread a ‘drones for good’ feel good message to viewers.

It comes after a number of mainstream media outlets in recent months have been heavily criticised for portraying drones in a negative light.

This ITV show was the complete opposite and certainly went a long way in highlighting to the viewing public that all important ‘drones for good’ message.

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The second in a two part series, through unseen footage and exclusive access to fire, police, coastguard and air ambulance rescue teams across England and Wales, the programme showed how the emergency services are taking to the air to keep Britain safe.

ITV said it wanted to “reveal how police forces are deploying military-spec drones to search for vulnerable missing people in impossible to reach places; how the fastest air ambulances are racing against the clock to save lives when every second counts, and how fire services are fighting blazes from the sky.”

It described the programme as “The inside, untold story of how Britain’s emergency services are taking to the skies to save lives.”

It gave an in-depth look at a variety of specific use-cases for drones in emergency service work, including how police forces are reaping the benefits of the technology when searching for missing people.

This positive look at drones comes three months after DJI challenged the BBC on its airing of the Aldo Kane programme ‘Britain’s next air disaster? Drones?’.

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