Japanese companies team up in drone security and surveillance first


KDDI Corporation, Terra Drone and SECOM have collaborated to become the first Japanese companies to demo the Smart Drone*1 to monitor a stadium.

In co-operation with Saitama Stadium 2002, the firms showed how the system utilises a mobile communications network and a human detection system.

In the demonstration, the high-altitude drone used to patrol the surrounding area of the stadium automatically identifies a suspicious person and calculates the location by using the human detection AI system.

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Then, directed by operation management system interlocking with map, a low-altitude drone patrolling in lower height automatically flies down to the suspicious person and sends the location information to the command centre.

In order to achieve real-time detection, the drones are equipped with an AI processing system.

Upon the demo, KDDI and Terra Drone jointly developed a new operation management system which captures and analyses the 3D relief map, weather and wind conditions and aerial mobile communications condition around the area of interest.

SECOM also provided the security requirements definition for the operation management system.

Additionally, the new operation management system corresponding to AI and information service is not only useful for security but has been proven highly efficient for equipment inspection, and could be deployed for disaster and emergency responses in the near future.

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