KDDI and Terra Drone launch infrastructure inspection services


Terra Drone and KDDI have launched new infrastructure inspection services using drones.

Describing it as a breakthrough in asset management, Terra Drone also detailed how the solution uses drones with high-resolution cameras to monitor the structural health of industrial systems.

The data management and report generation is then further automated via Terra Inspection software.

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Under the new solution offered by Terra Drone and KDDI, a drone will generate a 3D model of the heavy industrial asset by flying around the structure, whilst simultaneously determining which components should be inspected.

The firms say this will allow the drone to shoot the inspection points from optimal angles and range designated by the Terra Inspection software.

This solution has become one of many utilizing the Smart Drone*1 platform which Terra Drone and KDDI jointly developed.

The platform has now been used across a number of verticals several times since 2016.

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