Kespry announces drone-based aerial intelligence partnership


Kespry has announced a new partnership with XAP 360 to provide drone-based aerial intelligence for multi-family home asset management.

The partnership will aim to save commercial property owners time and money through proactive and post-severe weather incident roof condition assessments.

The Kespry-XAP 360 relationship is hoping to address property management needs to reduce inspection costs, identify issues at an early stage before they evolve into more serious concerns, and deliver more accurate damage identification.

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Additionally, the partnership will take inspection personnel out of harm’s way as the system will mean XAP360 providers will not have to send inspectors up on ladders to conduct manual, dangerous roof inspections.

CEO at Kespry, George Matthew, said: “We’re proud to have Kespry work with XAP 360 to change how the property management industry works for the better.”

He added: “Together, we’re delivering unmatched consistency and continuity for property owners and managers. Now, they’re able to benefit from routinely-updated views on the health of their roofs and can address any needed repairs before they seriously impact the bottom line and livability of a property.”

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