Kittyhawk and Boeing company partnership to make digital authorisation a reality

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A new strategic partnership is set to make digital authorisation a reality across thousands of square miles of airspace and transform the drone industry’s operations.

Kittyhawk, an enterprise drone operations software firm, today announced it has locked in a deal with Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, to work towards offering digital airspace authorisation directly from the FAA into Kittyhawk’s platform.

Upon FAA approval, Kittyhawk’s enterprise customers will be able to receive digital authorisation to operate within thousands of square miles of airspace in near-real time and will be able to send digital flight plan notifications.

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Jeppesen and Kittyhawk’s combined capabilities will deliver navigation data from Jeppesen and UAS platform operations management from Kittyhawk, to simplify commercial drone operations.

This will be a Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) that Kittyhawk claims with be implementation ‘unlike any other’ LAANC  currently on the market.

“We’re approaching LAANC as more than just a faster authorization, but a critical piece to an effective drone operation,” said Jon Hegranes, CEO of Kittyhawk.

“Real-time authorization without real-time visibility, enforcement, or compliance leaves more problems than solutions for commercial operators.”

Over the coming months, the FAA will release over 2,000 square miles of new airspace for drones to fly in densely populated areas and near airports. The digital authorisation claims to allow some of Kittyhawk’s enterprise customers to fly up to twice as many flights with LAANC versus the manual process, which could take up to 90 days to gain approval.

Mike Abbott, director of Jeppesen Data Solutions, added: “This strategic alliance with Kittyhawk will help us gain a strong foothold in the dynamic and expanding UAV/drone market for commercial operations.

“Eliminating manual processes through data-driven navigation and LAANC operations management matches perfectly with our dedication to simplifying complex procedures in traditional aviation fields and we look forward to exciting new developments with our Kittyhawk relationship, moving forward.”

Kittyhawk plans to start deploying LAANC to enterprise customers in the coming weeks and will have a full deployment available to the public shortly after.

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