Kittyhawk selected as the sole provider of the FAA’s B4UFLY app


Kittyhawk has entered into an exclusive public-private partnership to lead development on the FAA’s B4UFLY mobile app.

The free app, aimed at helping drone operators cooperate with FAA regulation, will use Kittyhawk’s platform to power the safe and compliant fight experience for users.

Announcing the news via a post on the company’s website, Joshua Ziering, founder of Kittyhawk, explained that he and his firm are excited about what the opportunity could bring.

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He wrote: “We are truly honoured the FAA selected Kittyhawk, and I feel this acknowledges our leadership in drone technology and product development. I wanted to share a little bit about why we’re excited about it and how we’ll be executing on this opportunity.

He continued: “As an approved UAS Service Supplier that’s able to programmatically offer authorisations for commercial operators to fly in controlled airspace via the FAA’s LAANC program, we understand the importance of delivering the correct information at the right time.

“One of our key learnings from the LAANC onboarding process was that the capability to source airspace data from the FAA directly, creates opportunity to vastly improve flying experiences for all kinds of operators.”

Kittyhawk also confirmed that it will be using the capabilities of its recently released Dynamic Airspace product to power the new and improved B4UFLY mobile app.

Ziering added: “We know that the future of a successful integration of drones into the National Airspace (NAS) depends upon a strong foundation of safety. This means giving pilots the information they need in a precise, reliable and concise format.

“The careful observer might ask why we’ve chosen to work on B4UFLY when Kittyhawk’s focus is purely enterprise solutions. We believe that Kittyhawk needs to be building our industry alongside of our company. Our goal is for our enterprise customers to be flying as much as possible. Flights don’t happen easier or more frequently when negligent operators are shutting down airports, breaching Presidential TFR’s, or endangering our national security.”

He concluded: “Together with the FAA, we want to turn B4UFLY into a best-in-class solution for understanding the airspace operators are utilizing. We want to make it easy to understand where you can and can’t fly, and together with community-based organizations like the AMA, continue to support the next generation of aviation innovators to fly safely and responsibly.”

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