Lanxess expands commercial drone portfolio with lightweight solutions


An international technology manufacturer has expanded its presence in the commercial drone market by offering lightweight solutions for the UAV industry.

The Lanxess High Performance Materials (HPM) business unit has introduced a range of high-end material solutions, including a drone propeller made of short glass fibre-reinforced Durethan, at Chinaplas 2018 in April this year. Thanks to its balanced material properties, the injection molded parts are lighter while offering good strength and rigidity.

The material is resistant against ageing by UV rays and is therefore well-suited for use outdoors. Drone propellers made of Lanxess plastics.

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As well as wings and propellers, the high-performance plastics can also be used for drone bodies and landing gear.

The materials help to reduce the weight of the aerial vehicle and thus enable longer flight times, as well as reducing vibrations and noise. What is more, the materials improve impact resistance, reduce any interference of metal materials with radio signals, simplify the production process and increase the flexibility of the product structure design.

“In light of the rapid development of the high-tech industry and the increasing popularity of electric drives, Lanxess sees significant, additional potential for the use of its products. Based on Lanxess products PA6, PA66 and PBT, we have developed innovative solutions to meet the demand for high-quality products,” said Dr. Axel Tuchlenski, head of global product and application development at Lanxess’s business unit High Performance Materials.

Lanxess, which specialises in the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics, currently operates in 25 countries.


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