“‘Legislation has to change significantly’ to enable UAV growth,’ claims Airbus Aerial


In order for the commercial UAV industry to take steps forward, rule-making bodies need to make substantial alterations to regulations.

Jesse Kallman, president of Airbus Aerial, a new business unit within Airbus, the global leader in space and aeronautics, told Commercial Drone Professional about the scope of legislation in relation to sector advancement.

Aerial works primarily with commercial markets to gather aerial data on a much grander scale than current drone solutions on the market allow, and also provides advanced analytics.

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Kallman commented: “For drones to be a more common place I think legislation has to change significantly from rule making organisations like the FAA, along with others around the world.

“Things like beyond visual line of sight operations and flying in more urban environments need to be progressed quite a bit before we will start to see people really using [drones] as everyday tools. This is going to take higher levels of safety when it comes to the aircraft, giving comfort to regulators and people, and it’s going to take higher levels of automation on the aircraft to reduce the burden on operators.”


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