Leica Geosystems slashes UAV mission time with new solution


Leica Geosystems has ramped up its UAV capabilities with the launch of a new system designed to make vital time savings.

The company has unveiled the new Leica Aibot, based on DJI’s aerial platform, the M600 Pro, to rapidly and autonomously acquire mobile 3D mapping data.

Leica Geosystems’ latest innovation in UAV technology is designed to allow users to get a complete data set in less time with a user-friendly and innovative interface, opening new business opportunities while spending less time, costs and effort than with traditional methods.

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Leica Geosystems’ software suite supports the new UAV workflows. Using Leica Infinity for point cloud, digital surface model and orthophoto generation enables surveyors to easily process and visualise aerial data to maximise productivity and speed-up data delivery.

Supporting users to share data to Cylcone and Cloudworx, the integration of the UAV point cloud with terrestrial scan data enables users to make the most informed decisions.

“With constant new ideas, projects and numerous challenges it is crucial for our business to have access to transformational technologies such as the new Leica Aibot, that keep our projects on schedule with the maximum accuracy and precision,” said Martin Schwall, owner and managing director of Ingenieur Team GEO.

“We look forward to continue using Leica Geosystems technology and adding Leica Aibot to our portfolio.”

The new UAV technology, developed in partnership with DJI, allows users to process and analyse millions of data points gathered from above and visualise the data to provide actionable information. UAV data can be combined with existing survey technologies, such as TPS, GPS and laser scanning, providing a more complete set of information.

Jan Gasparic, head of DJI Enterprise, added: “We are very excited to offer our robust and reliable DJI M600 Pro along with our developer tools to Leica Geosystems to empower survey professionals to get a truly efficient solution workflow with the best results and accuracy.”

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