Geotech company Lidaretto has unveiled a new compact, lightweight and multiplatform lidar solution for carrying out mobile mapping easily.

Lidaretto can be mounted on the drone, car, backpack, boat or even a tripod depending on the application.

This approach means users only have invest in the technology once, and then they can use it in their desired manner.

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Scanning with Lidaretto is a very effective way of capturing huge amounts of 3D spatial data in comparison to traditional methods. It is easy to operate, even from a smartphone or tablet, and does not require any specialist skills.

Combining leading lidar and positioning technologies, Lidaretto is able to produce very accurate point clouds for further processing and generating the outputs based on the client’s needs.

Lidaretto Creator software can be used intuitively to select which part of the lidar data will be exported, allowing users to set several parameters and select the desired coordinate systems in which the point clouds will be outputted.

Lidaretto is a great solution for the professionals with limited budget. The idea behind it is to offer a quality solution for an affordable price, and bring lidar mapping technologies to those who think the lidar is too expensive for the investment.

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