Local community use drone to rescue deer from icy pond


A local community were able to use a drone among other things to rescue a drone after it fell into an icy pond.

The group involved, which included a 17-year-old, her grandfather and a 19-year-old neighbour, were able to fly the device in such a way that allowed them to herd the deer back to safe and dry land in Upstate New York.

According to WSYR, the group used a canoe and shovels to clear a path in the ice which the deer could swim through once guided by the drone.

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Describing the event to the local news outlet, the girl who first noticed the deer, said: “I just kept chipping bits off, after a couple hours-worth of work, a path was formed. The chipping of the ice scared the deer farther into the centre of the pond.”

Then, due to the deer being reluctant to move from its position, 19-year-old Casey Hargrave came up with the idea of using his drone to shepherd it to safety.

He said: “I put my drone up in the air and we flew it over in that direction. I tried to nudge it and scare it that direction toward the shoreline.”

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