London drone start-up poised to fight fires with UAVs


A London-based drone start-up has placed life-saving applications at the centre of its business model.

Unmanned Life, a drone specialist based in Shoreditch, is testing software and drone solutions that will enable fleets of drones to carry out medical deliveries and provide essential support to emergency services in the capital.

According to the Evening Standard, Unmanned Life’s founder Kumardev Chatterjee said that fire engines could be turned into command centres for counterpart UAVs. The units would run a 5G network, allowing human operators to control multiple drones.

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He said: “Attending a fire, one drone would fly autonomously around the building floor by floor while another looks around the top of the building to capture very high-resolution live images streamed back to the ground for firefighters to get an understanding of the situation, how the fire is moving, where it’s located, how dense it is, where the humans are, and where the most people are trapped.”

The newspaper reported that trials have been undertaken with drones carrying small amounts of water.

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