Majority of Drone Safe Register pro members think the group provides value for money, survey reveals

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A Drone Safe Register survey has revealed that over 60% of its members believe their membership is money well spent.

The results, posted by founder Mark Boyt on the DSR website, also show how 64% would recommend the organisation while out of 219 who took part, only 24 said they wouldn’t be look to renew.

Commenting on the results, Boyt said he wants to use the results to build on what the group is already doing.

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He said: “This survey has given us some real positive feedback as well as areas to improve upon.”

In the past, Boyt has detailed how his number one priority is to look after current members and make sure they get the most out of their money, before adding to the community.

Detailing the financial benefits of work gained directly through the Peter Jones-backed group, 87 members had earned up to £500, 21 members had earned £500-£1000, 7 members earned £1,000-£1,500, another 7 between £1,500 and £2,000, while 30 members had got over £2000 worth of work.

The remaining 65 members of the 219, had not earned anything directly from membership.

Additionally, 30% of members said they are enjoying Coverdrone insurance discount as part of their package and 40% are enjoying Yuneec and DJI discounts.

Following the results, DSR confirmed its immediate focus would be on more of its members getting job offers from its closed group network, and in turn seeing the financial reward from that.

A talk titled ‘How to make money within the drone industry’ has been organised for September 22.

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