Malaysia’s Aerodyne Group enters new European drone markets

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Aerodyne Group, a Malaysia-headquartered international drone solutions provider, has entered into a partnership agreement with Germany-based QUANTO AG and Taku International LLC, through its European HQ, Aerodyne Europe UAV Ltd.

The aim is to expand Aerodyne’s pioneering drone solutions and services to potential customers in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

QUANTO AG is a leading IT and management consultancy in the DACH (comprises Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region. QUANTO has extensive expertise in large-scale project management, SAP® solutions, cybersecurity, IoT (internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence) solutions.

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Taku International, as a technology strategy and implementation company, brings to the partnership its expertise in IoT, AI, and aviation-based sensor technologies for both manned and unmanned aircrafts, as well as related services.

QUANTO AG and Taku will offer Aerodyne’s smart drone solutions and innovative data analytics technologies to businesses across industries. This includes the DT3 company’s AI-powered, end-to-end cloud-based asset management solution, “vertikaliti”.

Aerodyne Group COO, Rossi Jaafar, said: “I am elated by this partnership with QUANTO AG and Taku International, which reflects Aerodyne’s deep-rooted spirit in harnessing mutual synergies with reputable tech solution providers within our geographic markets. This strategic collaboration will benefit our German, Swiss and Austrian markets with optimum value proposition for drone services with cutting-edge intelligence and analytics that are second to none.”

”I am very much looking forward to the partnership with Aerodyne. We observe a clear market trend for DT3 solutions, integrated in the backend systems of our customers. Advanced systems, like SAP® S/4HANA, offer the chance to handle information delivered by drone solutions,” said Jens Brakhage, Managing Partner of QUANTO AG.

Karin Hollerbach, Managing Member of Taku, said: “This collaboration is an exciting example of what is possible when organisations with complementary skillsets come together. It enables us to bring drone data acquisition and integration solutions to our customers that no one of our three companies could do on their own.”

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