Man reported to Scottish authorities after flying drone over football match


Police in Scotland have received reports of a man who flew his drone over a football game this weekend.

Officials at the match between Abroath and Montrose said they considered stopping the match.

According to a report by the BBC, the drone pilot was traced to a nearby location and was subsequently reported to the procurator fiscal.

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David McIntosh, chief inspector for Angus Police working on the case, told the BBC: “Flying drones without the appropriate training, experience or license can be hazardous, no more so than over a crowded area such as a football match or concert.”

He added: “A loss of power or signal to the drone can have a significant impact and cause injuries to others. Drones that are used at events have the appropriate license and are used in the full knowledge of the organiser and events planning team to ensure the safety of others.”

Currently, regulations mean that drones are forbidden to fly within 50m (164ft) of people.

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