Like a Phoenix: California’s Paradise Rebuilds With Help From DJI and General Pacific

Charles Brooks slung his pick-axe into the soil. It was a simple job, levelling some ground for landscaping. (He’s also pretty handy with an enterprise drone, and we’ll get to that shortly.) It felt good. That’s because it wasn’t just any pick-axe, and it wasn’t just any earth. That tool, now sporting a new hickory handle, had first been in the hands of his grandfather. It had been handed down, over many decades, until it had reached Charles. It’s already been in the hands of one of his sons, currently aged nine and 11. That makes four generations who have
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Airbus completes latest flight tests of high-altitude Zephyr UAS

Airbus Zephyr flight tests
Airbus has completed a new test flight campaign for its Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) in Arizona in the US. The 2020 flight campaign focused on aircraft agility, control and operations to build upon previous campaigns, which Airbus said have proven the day and night stratospheric persistence of the unmanned aerial system (UAS) essential in commercial markets.  This year’s campaign, held during the first three weeks of November, aimed to demonstrate operational flexibility and aircraft agility, particularly testing lower altitude flying and early stage transition to the stratosphere. It also allowed the validation of a new flight planning tool
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