Parrot to launch drone loan program for businesses

Parrot-ANAFI Thermal_Mine 2
Parrot is set to launch the Enterprise Loan Program (ELP) giving businesses the ability to test its ANAFI platform. The ELP will last for six weeks and will allow businesses to test the ANAFI platform within a working environment using the full drone hardware and software including drone, controller and piloting app. Parrot’s chief sales and marketing officer, Chris Roberts, said: “Drones for enterprise are advancing the possibilities for businesses across the globe and we are proud to be a part of that movement. “We are confident this program will drive higher efficiency and safety for our partners while simultaneously
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Parrot launches enterprise drone loan program

Parrot has launched three new initiatives, one of which includes an enterprise drone loan program. The manufacturer created the initiative to give enterprises the chance of testing its Anafi platform within a working environment. Selected partners will receive a complete set of hardware and software to help them find out if the Anafi product is right for them and if it can be integrated into the business. The package will include the drone, controller, batteries as well as the piloting app, SDK documentation and third party apps and services. As part of its new initiatives, Parrot has also introduced the
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