Microsoft secures patent for UAV ‘en route’ product delivery system


Microsoft has secured a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for ‘en route product deliver by unmanned aerial vehicles.’

The document released as part of the patent described how a UAV would meet with and transfer a product to a vehicle already en route to a destination.

It states how the UAV would be dispatched along a flight path that intercepts with a predetermined route that the receiving vehicle is expected to travel along.

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Once the UAV is in the vicinity of the receiving vehicle, the UAV would approach the vehicle and use cargo releasing equipment to transfer the product.

The document went on to give examples of how a drone could fly above a car or van at the same speed and would drop the product into an opening roof.

Alternatively it describes how it could fly alongside the vehicle allowing a person inside to reach out and retrieve the package.

The patent was filed for in 2017, meaning it remains to be seen if the technology is something the tech giant wants to truly pursue.

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