Military drones on board HMS Queen Elizabeth is an ‘absolute inevitability’

Following the official commission of the UK’s new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, it has emerged that on-board naval drones are an ‘absolute inevitability’.

Captain Jerry Kyd, the Royal Navy officer in charge of HMS Queen Elizabeth, told the Business Insider that, while unmanned aerial vehicles are not currently part of the ship’s equipment, he fully expects to see them on the ship in the near future, as well as part of the British Armed Forces’ routine operations.

He told the publication: “What this ship is, is a platform. And she’s big, she’s evolvable, and absolutely we’re looking very closely at unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and drone technology.

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“It’s an absolute inevitability that they’re going to be embarked on this ship in the near future. The Americans are well down the road of operating UAVs from their aircraft carriers – we operate UAVs in the Royal Naval fleet already.”

Kyd believes that the ship marks a closer relationship with the United States, the nation which currently accounts for over 50% of UAV sales globally.

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