Military urged to maintain human control over drones amid killer robot fears

The Ministry of Defence has requested that all military drones and other remote devices remain under human control.

The body has ordered that the military commits to ensuring all remote devices are under human control as part of a new doctrine designed to address areas of concern regarding development of ‘killer robots’.

The move comes after more than 100 robotics experts expressed concerns over devices with developed artificial intelligence to the United Nations.

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The new doctrine, which aligns with the commitments of other members of NATO, will make clear that the UK opposes the development of autonomous weapons systems.

The doctrine will see the MOD pledge: “UK policy is that the operation of weapons will always be under control as an absolute guarantee of human oversight, authority and accountability. The UK does not possess fully autonomous weapon systems and has no intention of developing them.”

Mark Lancaster, the minister for the armed forces, told the Guardian: “It’s absolutely right that our weapons are operated by real people capable of making incredibly important decisions, and we are guaranteeing that vital oversight.

“We’re certainly not ignoring robotics; our dedicated science and technology budget and our £800m innovation fund [are] keeping our armed forces at the cutting edge of technology, but our weapons will always be under human control.”

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