MMC drones spraying disinfectant to fight coronavirus

MMC monitoring

Coronavirus disinfectant is being sprayed by Chinese drone company MicroMultiCopter (MMC).

It has been working with the country’s government in a number of ways, including the spraying of disinfectant, to support cities afflicted by the coronavirus.

The Shenzhen-based company are deploying drone teams to cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhaoging and Foshan.

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One way that MMC’s technology is aiding the battle against the coronavirus is by using disinfectant-spraying drones to leave public places cleaner and safer.

Using UAVs for this task, MMC said, means that people do not have risk going into public spaces to do the job.

Other roles for the drone teams – which together equal more than 200 people with over 100 drones – include broadcasting public service announcements via onboard megaphones, and assessing traffic flow and congestion faster and more effectively than a static camera or a vehicle unit could do.

They are also being used for the evacuation of work sites, with thermal imaging cameras being used to identify all persons onsite.

MMC chairman Lu Zhihui commented: “At first our drones were used only in aerial broadcasting, but now we are going deeper in front-line use. Since the situation is getting more serious, further functions are required so we quickly formed an online R&D team and carried out the solutions.”

Last week, CDP reported on how drone tech was being called on for medical deliveries in areas where the coronavirus had hit.

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