Mobilicom: Securing the future of drone and robotics

Mobilicom CEO, Oren Elkayam

Undoubtedly, the rapid growth of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), robotics and automation sectors has left a significant impact across several industries, including defence, logistics, aviation, supply chain and beyond; reshaping their day-to-day operations and revolutionising the world’s business prospects.

Nevertheless, with new technologies arise new challenges. Cybersecurity has been a key challenge to almost every new high-tech application, calling for innovative, secure and risk-free solutions to proof technologies against cyber-attacks without compromising their functionality and competence.

We sat down with Oren Elkayam, CEO of Mobilicom, a global provider of end-to-end cybersecurity and smart solutions for drones, robotics and autonomous platforms to discuss his company’s pioneering solutions to the industry’s key pressing issues.

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Tell us more about Mobilicom and your solutions portfolio.

“Mobilicom is a global provider of end-to-end cybersecurity and smart solutions for commercial and industrial drones, robotics and autonomous platforms, our company develops smart components that are reshaping the future of unmanned systems. Our field-proven smart solutions portfolio consists of Mobilicom’s latest innovation, ICE Cybersecurity suite, cloud management software, datalinks, mesh networking, mobile handheld controllers and professional services.”

What role does Mobilicom play in the UAV and robotics markets?

“As a technology provider, we understand the anatomy of a commercial drone and the hundreds of components involved in the manufacturing process, there are several critical technological components that transform a drone into a “smart drone;” We refer to these components as smart solutions making the commercial drones capable and prepared to fulfil the purpose of their mission,”  Elkayam said, adding that, “Mobilicom aims to be a one-stop-shop provider and integrator of key smart solutions with our wide end-to-end offering to guarantee top-level performance, quality, safety and security to our customers of drones and robotics system manufacturers.”

What benefits does your “end-to-end” model offer your customers?

“Our end-to-end partnerships offer many benefits to our customers of drones and robotics manufacturers, including, maximising the drone and robotic system performance by having fully integrated components working perfectly together, lower package cost, as a result of minimising integration efforts, a fast development-to-market process for the first platform and next-generation models, stronger security and protection levels, and logistic support to guarantee high-end quality. Our goal as an end-to-end provider is to eliminate complexities and ensure peace of mind for our customers.”

Tell us more about the ICE Cybersecurity Suite.

“Commercial drones and robotics are often susceptible to critical safety and security threats, due to decentralised control, wireless operation across remote vicinities, GNSS (GPS) dependency, physical vulnerability and the absence of cloud security, in most cases. Immunity, Cybersecurity and Encryption (ICE) Cybersecurity suite, is the first fully autonomous, AI-based cybersecurity system that can detect, prevent, and respond to multiple drones or robotics’ cyber threats in real-time without requiring operator intervention,” Elkayam said, noting that “the ICE cybersecurity suite sets a new standard for safety and security of unmanned platforms, protecting them against more than 10 different types of cyber breaches and malicious attacks, such as jamming, man-in-the-middle, attacks against the drone platform, operating system, servers attacks, GNSS interference or spoofing and more.” Moreover, Elkayam explained that “The ICE cybersecurity suite is available in different tiers enabling the customer to best fit the protection grade to the market application and threat level. The 360⁰ multi-faceted and multi-layered system protects the platform, safeguards communication channels, and encrypts collected and transmitted data. This innovation complements and seamlessly integrates with Mobilicom’s wide range of solutions, offering both new and existing customers the ability to continuously protect their platforms with industry-leading integrated security solutions.

ICE Cybersecurity Suite

How do your solutions help accelerate the drone and robotics market growth?

“Mobilicom supports the industry’s evolution to wide acceptance and mass-scale deployment [of commercial drones and robotics] by offering outstanding performance in harsh environments based on our datalinks and mesh networking solutions to enable commercial users to operate and provide continuous service as expected from a mature industry, meeting the safety and security requirements of countries and insurance companies to allow wide deployment of drones and robotics in the public space, thanks to the strong security and protection level provided by our new ICE cybersecurity suite, and providing quality and reliability with the end-to-end offering and ILS (integrated logistics support). Mobilicom services guarantee effective and cost-efficient commercial drones and robotics systems operations.”

How can your solutions be applied in the commercial and defence market segments?

“Mobilicom has grown a global customer base with sales to high profile customers serving commercial, governments and military market applications. We operate under two brands:  Mobilicom and SkyHopper. Through SkyHopper, we provide commercial, industrial drone and robotics system manufacturers with solutions for security and surveillance, process industry, infrastructure inspection and delivery market applications. Our end-to-end hardware and software smart solutions are embedded in numerous customer platforms such as Airbus, Sarcos, Swift Engineering, Censys Technologies. Mobilicom caters to government and enterprise drone, robotics and teleoperated system manufacturers offering solutions for defence, homeland security and first responder market verticals. Our solutions are used across numerous customers and countries worldwide daily, including Elbit Systems, Teledyne-Flir, Israel Aerospace Industries, Azur Drones and many more.”

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