Mountain rescue team deploys drones to save lives


The Czech Mountain Rescue Service has been using drones to save skiers from potential death.

It uses Robodrone Kingfisher drones fitted with cameras and its own avalanche transceiver detection system to locate buried skiers.

Speaking to the BBC, MRS drone operator Marek Frys, said: “We use drones fitted with a special system that works on the 457kHz frequency to detect avalanche transceivers.”

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Chief executive of software developer SCS Smart City Swiss, Jean Yves Barmen, went on to explain what they are doing to help people who aren’t wearing a transceiver.

He said: “We are working on thermal and multispectral systems that can see gases such as methane and carbon dioxide and could also detect people buried in mud slides, or under rubble.”

The quick response time of drones is something the ski and mountaineering industry is keen to use when it comes to life-saving missions.

Roland Georges, president of the high mountain guides office in the French resort of Courchevel, told the BBC: “All the guides in Courchevel have Recco reflectors in their ski gear. However, it takes time to raise an alert and get a helicopter out. Having seen how small and quick to activate drones can be, I would not be surprised if all guides are soon carrying one.”

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