Multiple agencies deploy DroneSense Platform as part of safety measures at Indy500


A number of public service agencies deployed the DroneSense platform this weekend as part of safety precautions at Indy500.

IN Police Department, the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, Indianapolis Fire, and Wayne Township Fire Department deployed drones, both large and small, to help protect crowds at the various events throughout race weekend.

Commenting on the use of drones, Ron Shelnutt, police officer with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, said: “With the Indy 500 being one of the largest events for attendance in the world, providing overwatch operations is very challenging.”

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He continued: “The DroneSense platform is seamless, easy to use and was essential in providing real time video streams from our drones to the command centre.”

Drones were flown using the DroneSense software platform, which allowed first responders the ability to live-stream footage into the various command centres, providing officers and security officials with actionable, real-time video for security operations.

Ryan Bracken, DroneSense’s chief information security officer and former FBI special agent, added: “Drones can help make an event like the Indy 500 safer by gathering information in a way that no other platform can. But that intelligence, whether it’s a video stream or other data, has to get to the right people in real-time to make it usable, and that’s where our software platform excels.”

Agencies involved in the response obtained a special exemption from the FAA’s national security flight restrictions overtop the event, for purposes of keeping the crowds, drivers and race personnel safe.

The Indy 500 marks the second time drones and the DroneSense software platform were used to protect a large scale event as earlier this year, DroneSense was deployed with teams from Skyfire Consulting to cover the NFL’s championship game in Atlanta.

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