NASA to show off drone traffic management testing to media


NASA is entering the final stage of testing for its unmanned aircraft systems traffic management (UTM) platform.

To show off the UTM system, NASA is inviting the media the learn more and watch drone demonstration on May 21 in Reno, Nevada.

The agency’s research into drone traffic management focuses on operations within a city, at an altitude of 200 feet or higher, and the unique challenges presented when flying in an urban area.

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As part of the demonstration event, media will have the opportunity to interview NASA leadership and researchers about this important work.

The move shows progression is NASA’s work which since 2015, has worked to create a research platform that can manage drone traffic safely.

Through a long-standing partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration and help from many industry partners, NASA says its goal is to understand how a nationwide system for drones can safely integrate remotely-piloted aircraft into low-altitude airspace.

In February, CDP reported on how NASA had selected its partners for the final phase of testing.

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