NATS apologises after its head of UTM calls drone pilots “clueless, careless and criminal”


NATS has issued an apology after its head of UTM referred to drone operators as “clueless, careless and criminal.”

Giving evidence to the Science and Technology Committee, the comments made by Andy Sage have caused concern for a number of pilots and from people in the industry.

Many immediately took to social media to question the comments made.

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Sage stated: “We regard drone users in three categories, clueless, careless and criminal.”

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Following the response on social media, which prompted questions on Sage’s position as well as concerns on how the industry can expect to move forward if opinions of this sort are coming from the top, NATS took to Twitter itself to offer an apology.

It stated: “We are very sorry that the vast majority of drone pilots, who are extremely responsible, have been offended by Andy Sage’s remarks to the Science and Technology Committee yesterday.

“Andy’s comments were about the misuse of drones but it is clear that his words were inappropriate. NATS does not ‘categorise’ drone users and believes in fair access to airspace for all users who abide by the rules. We work closely with the drone pilot community and value their input enormously and we will ensure the Committee understands our position.”

You can watch the full committee hearing by clicking here.

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  1. Having experienced the mis-management of these so called experts for decades, Sage’ comments come as no surprise. He’s a bit of a mug if the truth be known.

  2. he is just looking forward to the kick backs when they sell the ground to 400 feet zone to amazon like they are in AU

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