Martin Wolfe, chief executive of NATS, has urged the UK to unify airspace for planes and drones.

Speaking to the Financial Times, he detailed how the UK should overhaul its airspace to allow drones and passenger jets to safely fly alongside each other.

He went on to express his concerns that without change, the UK will end up with a fragmented airspace of many small pockets for various types of aircraft.

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Wolfe explained: “You have to make the assumption that no matter what rules the government puts in place, if people are sufficiently malicious, people will break those rules.”

He went on to commend geofencing technology but did say that could be circumvented by a determined malicious operator.

He told FT: “I would hazard and argue that almost every major airport in the world has learnt [from the Gatwick incident].”

Adding: “We are aware of the fact that there’s a lot of technology out there and none of it is either sufficient or in many cases appropriate to be used in a general urban airport environment.”

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