NATS lays out action plan to tackle double-digit gender pay gap


National air traffic control provider NATS has become the latest company to reveal its gender pay gap.

The company has disclosed its results ahead of the government’s April deadline, by which time any private sector company with more than 250 employees needs to publish data on their gender pay gap, along with details on the proportion of male and female employees and their gender bonus gap.

NATS revealed that its mean gender pay gap in the UK currently stands at 19.8%.

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It also provided a breakdown of job roles within the company, stating that 88% of positions in the top payment quartile are filled by men.

While the higher paying positions are heavily occupied by men, it has also been reported that the lower paid roles have a higher percentage of women, with 37% of the company’s fourth quartile roles being occupied by women.

In the company’s gender pay gap report, the organisation outlines its strategy for bridging the gap.

In a three-pronged attack, NATS plans to address its 19.8% gender pay gap hinges heavily on bolstering its recruitment strategy to introduce more women to the company.

CEO Martin Rolfe stated: “I fully endorse our gender pay action plan and believe that these steps will help us reduce the gender imbalance we have at NATS. As an employer in the UK, and globally, our gender pay action plan means we will also be helping to improve the imbalance of women in operational and technical careers.”

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