New 140mph first responder drone achieves lift off


A company based in Atlanta, Georgia has unveiled a new drone for first responders that can fly at a reported 140mph.

Manufacturer Sonin Hybrid said that the Recruit drone can fly for upwards of three hours and hit speeds of around three times that of most other UAVs.

As the company’s name suggests, the drone works with a hybrid petrol-electric engine.

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This, coupled with a lightweight airframe and carbon fibre body, allows it to fly faster than most drones, and also to carry a heavier payload.

As it is for first responders, it also offers enhanced payload capabilities.

These include a 30X optical/12X digital zoom 4K video camera with fixed and mobile target-tracking; a forward-looking infrared (FLiR) camera with night vision; PA speakers; a spotlight and other sensors.

“While we were in the process of finalising the design of our hybrid power system for drones, we realised that we could get the most range by designing our own airframe,” said Curtis Foster, founder of Sonin Hybrid. “The next question was: for who? There were plenty of commercial drones out there, but very few were specifically manufactured for first responders.

“Well before the onset of the pandemic, we decided that police and firefighters needed this technology the most, and immediately set out to build the Recruit.”

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