New Acecore loudspeaker drone for coronavirus lockdown enforcement

Acecore loudspeaker Zoe

Acecore Technologies has announced a new speaker drone for the enforcement of coronavirus lockdowns by emergency services around the world.

In response to the use of drones by many governments since the coronavirus pandemic, the updated Zoe drone comes with a loudspeaker and gimbal camera payload.

It also boasts a 30-minute flight time even in heavy wind and rain.

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Furthermore, it can be transported on the back of a truck with automatic RTK precision take-off and landing.

Acecore claims the 100-watt speaker can be heard as much as a kilometre away, and at 100m altitude has a volume of 80 decibels – as loud as heavy traffic.

The drone offers the option of a pre-recorded message or speaking directly to crowds.

Meanwhile the camera offers 10x optical zoom for detecting those flouting lockdown rules.

Finally, the drone features a remote controlled electromagnetic lock on the landing gear, meaning Zoe can safely take off from and land on any prepared vehicle.

Acecore has also created a video displaying the drone’s capabilities. Watch below:

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