New Products

Duke Robotics presents TIKAD combat drone

Duke Robotics has introduced TIKAD, an innovative military UAS octocopter drone with a mounted lightweight firearm and advanced stabilization technology. TIKAD features a lightweight robotic gimbal with the unparalleled ability to carry and stabilize payload recoil up to three times its weight. Its gimbal also offers real-time, 6 DOF, a capability that provides an advantage to U.S. and allied forces in combat. TIKAD advances military strategy by integrating an aerial support system into combat missions. The UAS drone can engage with troops or lead precision strikes without the need for intrusive action. TIKAD can be used in various military applications
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Airial Robotics develops “new type” of UAV for global commercial drone market

01_Airial Robotics_GT20_Gyrotrak_sky_
Airial Robotics, head-quartered in Hamburg and with branches in Hungary and the United Kingdom, has unveiled an innovative UAV carrier system. The company says the product redefines the possibilities of commercial drone applications due to a completely newly developed and patented technology platform, Gyrotrak. Thanks to the hybrid concept that combines tried-and-tested aerodynamic principles with the latest technologies, Airial Robotics has created a new class of drone that it says “clearly exceeds” current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency whilst at the same time possessing a highly modular system architecture that can be adapted to
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Septentrio’s new receiver aims for increased convenience to GNSS users

Septentrio has launched the AsteRx-m2 Sx OEM board, a GNSS receiver which aims to pioneer a novel approach to high-accuracy positioning. Septentrio’s latest core GNSS technology is integrated with a sub-decimeter correction service enabling simple plug-and-play positioning solutions. High-accuracy positioning is available directly out of the box as GNSS corrections are automatically streamed to the receiver which significantly simplifies the user’s GNSS receiver set-up process and eliminates completely the hassle of corrections service subscription and maintenance. Danilo Sabbatini, product manager at Septentrio, said: “This product marks a new step for GNSS technology towards convenience and ease-of-use. “By integrating the correction
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