New US government rules to authorise UAV take-downs and commercial drone deliveries


The US government is expected to write up new rules which will authorise commercial drone deliveries and allow the Department of Justice and Homeland Security to shoot down drones.

The DFHS will be allowed to disable or shoot down drones they believe to be posing a threat to government buildings.

According to a report from Reuters, the Trump Administration said it did not have any authority to take out potential malicious drones prior to the new rules.

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Last week, Commercial Drone Professional reported on a story which detailed how a security official felt the US was ‘powerless’ against drones.

In May, homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Congress how enemies were exploring drones the put the US in danger.

She said: “ISIS has used armed drones to strike targets in Syria, and we are increasingly concerned that they will try the same tactic on our soil.”

As part of the bill, drones could also be authorised to make commercial deliveries, expanding the US drone industry even further.

CDP’s coverage of the security official who thinks the current stance the US has on drones is ‘gravely concerning’ can be found here:

Security official says the powerless US stance on drones is ‘gravely concerning’

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