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Sunday 20 January 2019
VIDEO: Tech giant Intel ramps up bridge inspection drone programme
Intel is hoping its drone inspection project can help save time, money and put less men at risk.
AirWorks 2018: Watch DJI and American Airlines inspection demo with new Mavic Enterprise
Exclusive demonstration reveals how airline companies can use drones to save time and money.
VIDEO: Derbyshire Police drones praised by Home Office in #CelebratingOurServices Christmas campaign
The force's Tom Gee featured in the video and explained how drones have become so beneficial to the team in Derbyshire.
VIDEO: Drone footage captures Paradise devastation
The footage has given viewers a new angle of the destruction caused by last week's wildfires.
VIDEO: Sophisticated autonomy to provide solution for search and rescue connection issues
The system would allow drones to explore terrain under thick forest canopies where GPS signals are unreliable.
VIDEO: University develops drones to move objects 40 times their own weight
Called the FlyCroTug, the device can open heavy doors and shift large objects.
VIDEO: MSAB and URSA introduce new tech to acquire and analyse drone data
The technology aims to reveal flight paths, origin, behaviour and other critical information that can identify operators.
VIDEO: Disney saves on scaffolding with PaintCopter ‘graffiti drone’
The drone will use cameras to detect outlines of what needs to be painted and use the attached gun to complete the image.
VIDEO: Global superstar Drake puts drones to work as part of his 2018 tour
Aiming to light up the stage, the Verity Studios micro drones will tour 50 locations and perform to audiences of over 50,000 people.
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