Department 13 contracted to provide counter-drone tech in SE Asia

Department 13 Counter Drone Technology crop
Department 13 has been awarded a contract to deliver the first counter-drone technology system to an undisclosed South-East Asian government. A number of Department 13 counter-drone MESMER systems will be placed around critical infrastructure and assets in South-East Asia. The counter-drone solution will detect, identify and mitigate unauthorised drone activities and help the government monitor and manage unauthorised drone usage. To work in conjunction with the MESMER systems, Department 13 is developing a customised web portal to provide the government with flexible and efficient processes that will enable them to locally add Wi-Fi drones into the system to constantly improve
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SkySensus contracted to run Canada’s UAV traffic management trials

SkySensus, an R&D project funded and led by Peraton Canada for the research and development, and commercialisation of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in unmanned systems, has been selected to fulfill Canada’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Traffic Management (RTM) Service Trials. The RTM Service Trails were granted to SkySensus, in partnership with Unifly, to develop the requirements, performance levels  and deployment of services needed for Canada’s RPAS Traffic Management system. “We are thrilled to partner with SkySensus as the consortium offers the expertise, experience, and technology components required to enable safe routine BVLOS operations,” said Laurent Huenaerts, VP &
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UAE could emerge as drone superpower after Covid-19

Dubai Skyline
A commercial drone operator expects the UAE to emerge as a world leader in employing unmanned aerial systems in a growing list of fields. Falcon Eye Drones Services (FEDS) said that government agencies in the UAE have been particularly quick to use the capabilities of drones in the fight against the coronavirus. Rabih Bou Rashid, CEO of FEDS, said: "The rapid spread of Covid-19 has played a vital role in accelerating the adoption of the drone in a growing list of unconventional tasks, which is what we have witnessed in the UAE.” He said: “Covid-19 has prompted more usage of
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Dubai’s new drone laws to pave way for commercial UAV usage

A recent law issued in Dubai facilitating a much wider usage of commercial drones in the UAE will be a key component in the development of the “Dubai Sky Dome” initiative, according to regulatory body, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). Law No.4, unveiled earlier this year in Dubai, facilitates the development of an integrated framework for licensing and issuing certificates, permits, NOCs and inspection services related to drone systems, and a legal system for investigating drone accidents and incidents. As such, it will create “a structural eco-system for drones” that will transform Dubai into a virtual airspace infrastructure for unmanned
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