Altitude Angel to deliver UTM services in Canada after SUGU Drones selection

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Altitude Angel is to provide UTM services to Canada’s leading drone flight operations and training institute, Sugu Drones. Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM airspace management platform will be used to power Sugu Drones with accurate, real-time and relevant geospatial & flight awareness data for its in-house developed flight planning and logging platform. In addition to geospatial data, Altitude Angel will also provide Sugu pilots with live, interactive airspace alerts which will inform its drone operators when manned flights are due to intersect with the proposed flight plan. Richard Ellis, chief business office at Altitude Angel, said: “We are excited Sugu Drones has
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UAVOS confirms successful test of UVH-170 unmanned helicopter high altitude flight

UVH 170
The UVH - 170 unmanned helicopter of UAVOS has proven its value to mountainous areas operations by flying surveillance missions at an altitude of 16,400ft (5000m). The UVH-170 has successfully conducted its first high altitude flight reaching out to the height of 16,400ft (5000m). The rotary-wing platform was carrying the Gyro-stabilized two-axis gimbal with integrated Radio data link. The payload was of 8,800lb (4kg) weight, the flight time was two hours and the climb rate over 1m/s was from 13,120ft to 16,400ft (4000m to 5000m). The UAV high altitude capability has been achieved through modifying the fuel injection system of
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SPECIAL REPORT: Drones and Insurance in partnership with Coverdrone

This month's Special Report focuses on drones and the insurance space that serves the industry. In partnership with Coverdrone, CDP gets an exclusive, expert insight into both the commercial and recreational insurance space. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REPORT. We also get a look into how the claims process works and how technology in the form of the Coverdrone app can assist businesses and drone pilots. It forms the latest in a series of exclusive Special Reports put together by CDP. See the series here:
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Ascent Vision Technologies seals deal on CUAS contract with defense agency

Ascent Vision Technologies has received a contract from the Defence Technology Institute (DTI) of Thailand for its field-proven eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System (X-MADIS). The X-MADIS will protect critical assets against hostile small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). The X-MADIS was selected by the DTI following a series of Counter small Unmanned Aerial System (C-sUAS) demonstrations and tests to showcase the capabilities of the system. Developed to achieve optimal performance in high-heat and humid conditions, the X-MADIS will provide reliable, fixed-site and full-spectrum protection against commercial, off-the-shelf sUAS and state-level adversaries. AVT's X-MADIS is a portable solution that incorporates industry-leading
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UAVAid and Halkin Group support Kenya COVID recovery with drones for national healthcare

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UAVaid has signed an agreement with Halkin Group, paving the way for their drones to be brought to Kenya to help the country rebuild and strengthen its healthcare system and economy as part of a COVID response. The memorandum of understanding MOU signed between the two organisations is aimed at leading to the deployment of UAVaid’s multi-role HANSARD drone to Kenya, providing the country with a new airborne capability for medical deliveries, agriculture development, infrastructure inspection, public safety and wildlife protection across the country. This agreement follows the recent announcement that Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has passed a key
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SkyWatch and AgIntegrated work to bring earth observation data to the agriculture Industry

SkyWatch has formed a unique joint program with AgIntegrated to make Earth observation data more accessible to companies and developers. This alliance means that AgIntegrated will become the premier collaborator of SkyWatch when it comes to agricultural-based integrations due to AGI's many years and experience with agnostic API development for the precision ag industry and beyond. Mike Santostefano of AGI, explained: “When we met with SkyWatch, we learned how similar our business models were and it just made sense to work together to help solve some of the many challenges that have plagued agriculture when it comes to getting imagery
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Helix Technologies asked to join Intelligent Mobility Accelerator programme

Helix Technologies, developer of precision antennas for highly accurate GNSS positioning and navigation has been chosen to join the Wayra Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator programme. The move will give the business six months of development opportunities, including access to Telefónica and its partner networks and routes to technology development and deployment, as well as the potential for investment in the business. The Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator, a partnership between Connected Places Catapult and Wayra UK, is designed to bring selected disruptive start-ups with high-growth potential into the UK transport supply chain, and to support their growth into world-leading companies. As
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Moonrock Drone Insurance enters partnership to with SOARIZON by Thales

SOARIZON by Thales and Moonrock have teamed up in a move to offer discounted services to drone pilots and operators. The new partnership will enable SOARIZON users to access discounted insurance from Moonrock, at up to 20% off standard policy pricing. Commenting on the move, Simon Ritterband, CEO at Moonrock said: “We are delighted to join forces with SOARIZON. For us, operators using a robust digital process to plan their drone operations, assess their risk and keep a central point of record, present a lower risk profile to insurers.” Adding: “This partnership enables us to reward our trusted operators.” SOARIZON
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uAvionix files TSO application for tailBeaconX

uAvionix has filed a TSO application for the tailBeaconX Mode S and ADS-B transponder. It builds on the popular skyBeacon/tailBeacon formula, utilizing existing aircraft lighting locations for mounting and access to aircraft power for reduced installation complexity and cost. The tailBeaconX features an integrated Mode S transponder with 1090ES ADS-B Out for worldwide travel and flight above FL180 (18,000′). It is the first transponder to be specifically evaluated by Aireon and NAV CANADA, showing promise toward meeting performance requirements for ATC-quality surveillance data for General Aviation aircraft. Cyriel Kronenburg, vice president of Aviation Services for Aireon, said: “A solution like
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