Funding set aside to help small businesses in wake of coronavirus could help drone business

Sterling Rates To Fluctuate During Brexit Negotiations
As COVID-19 spurs British businesses and drone firms on to adopt new ways of working, the government is investing £20 million to improve small businesses’ management, productivity and problem-solving skills through 2 training programmes. The Small Business Leadership Programme will aim to focus on strengthening decision-makers’ leadership skills, so they are able to address management challenges, some of which, such as remote working, have arisen from coronavirus. The programme will hope to equip business leaders with the confidence and leadership skills to plan for the future of their business, and ensure that they are in a great position to recover
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Altitude Angel integrates Sky-Drones with new “in-app experience

Altitude Angel is to integrate its best-in-class data with UAV avionic solutions provider Sky-Drones, to enhance its drone management platform, Sky-Drones Cloud. Sky-Drones creates professional full stack UAV avionics solutions including flight control, ground control and communication systems as well as a cloud-based management platform. In turn, this allows its global customers to build and operate drones for security and commercial applications. By integrating Altitude Angel’s best-in-class data, Sky-Drones says it has been able to develop an enhanced range of products and services, improving its in-app experience. Operators will now be able to subscribe to UTM services, providing situational awareness
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Altitude Angel joins international consortium on medical drone delivery service

Altitude Angel is joining an international consortium comprising of tech start-ups and a world-renowned university research department to establish a corridor in the Midlands to enable medical & other deliveries via BVLOS drones. Skyfarer's solution is a system of systems, neatly packaged into a robust operational process, leveraging the expertise and technology from the technical partners. It is a platform which allows any organisation to access an ecosystem of drones, to then be used in diverse logistical operations, safely, autonomously and cost effectively with very low capital investment.  With this service, Skyfarer will be able to distribute medication, blood, test
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Chancellor considers online sales tax to save the high street

Cabinet Reshuffle
Chancellor Rishi Sunak is considering a new tax on goods sold online as part of a move to save the high street. Downing Street revealed the news which could be a 2% levy on online sales to raise £2bn a year, or a charge on deliveries which would cut congestion and emissions. A Sky News report detailed how the move came after Rishi Sunak highlighted concerns that business rates are “effectively penalising high street stores and giving internet retailers an unfair advantage.” A spokesman for the prime minister said: “Last week, as we set out in the budget and manifesto,
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Airial Robotics develops “new type” of UAV for global commercial drone market

01_Airial Robotics_GT20_Gyrotrak_sky_
Airial Robotics, head-quartered in Hamburg and with branches in Hungary and the United Kingdom, has unveiled an innovative UAV carrier system. The company says the product redefines the possibilities of commercial drone applications due to a completely newly developed and patented technology platform, Gyrotrak. Thanks to the hybrid concept that combines tried-and-tested aerodynamic principles with the latest technologies, Airial Robotics has created a new class of drone that it says “clearly exceeds” current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency whilst at the same time possessing a highly modular system architecture that can be adapted to
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