Nokia to capitalise on LTE-connected drones in ‘saving lives’ project


Nokia’s industrial research arm will use LTE-connected drones as part of its ‘Nokia Saving Lives’ project in the Philippines.

Alongside Smart communications and the Philippines Red Cross, the collaboration will use Nokia Bell Labs and LTE-connected drones equipped with cameras and sensors that can be deployed to disaster areas along with a portable LTE-network.

According to local news outlet ABS-CBN, the Philippines was chosen because of the frequent disasters that visit the country.

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The project has been set up to facilitate safer and more efficient search and rescue operations while providing backup communication in areas where networks are disabled by a disaster.

Leonardo Ebaio, manager of the PRC emergency response unit praised the drone’s capability to “zoom in on a particular area looking for possible victims,” something which he expects will help the authorities and emergency services in the future.

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