Non-invasive UAV tackles concerns over ‘noisy’ drone deliveries


A start-up behind a nonintrusive tethered drone delivery system claims it has the solution to the safety and privacy concerns.

A2Z’s founder, Aaron Zhang, will be on hand to show off its new tech at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, which it claims will help ease concerns surrounding delivery drones.

The company’s tech involves using a tethered delivery mechanism that allows drones to maintain a safe hover height of 400 feet above the target before the delivery system controls its free-fall to the desired location.

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By keeping the drone itself at a safe distance, the company claims it can mitigate many of the concerns regarding the use of delivery drones including keeping people safe from spinning rotors and high noise levels.

“As regulators, delivery businesses and consumers wrangle with the ideal approach to drone deliveries, our platform offers a safe, less-intrusive solution that can be deployed in diverse delivery conditions,” said Zhang. “Whether flying life-saving medicine to a remote location or dropping an Amazon delivery on the doorstep, our platform can adapt to numerous UAV airframes and payload demands.”

A2Z was founded by Zhang after he began working on his unique drone delivery system while studying at Brown University.

The Commercial UAV Expo 2019 takes off in Las Vegas from October 28th-30th and A2Z’s new delivery system will be available to preview at booth #607.

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