Ouster outlines details of new lidar category


Ouster has unveiled details of its underlying technology, revealing a departure from niche and high-cost materials commonly used.

The company says that several fundamental breakthroughs covered by recently granted patents have enabled Ouster’s move toward silicon-based sensors and lasers which operate in a near-infrared light spectrum.

Ouster’s new approach to lidar is hoping to speed up the deployment of technology ranging from autonomous vehicles, to large-scale mobile robotics, to long-range mapping drones.

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In an article on the company’s website, CEO Angus Pacala wrote, “I’m excited to announce that Ouster has been granted foundational patents for our unique multi-beam flash lidar technology.”

She added: “It allows me to talk more openly about the incredible technology we’ve developed over the last three years and why we’re going to lead the market with a portfolio of low-cost, compact, semiconductor-based lidar sensors in both scanning and solid state configurations.”

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