Parazero expecting more commercial opportunities from new regulations

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Parazero is hoping new regulation proposed by the FAA will lead to an increase in commercial opportunities.

The UAV safety solutions firm thinks the regulations, which could allow routine flights over people and at night, will push expansion in the commercial drone industry.

ParaZero says its SafeAir systems, when combined with certain drones, are designed to fit in line with certain aspects of the regulation, especially for flight over people, as its parachutes help to reduce the kinetic energy of a malfunctioning drone before it reaches the ground.

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Current FAA regulations restrict the flight of drones over unprotected people as a safety precaution, something Parazero believes has led to a slower rate of industry growth, due to the prevention of most drone operations in urban areas.

It thinks the new rules would therefore replace the need for waivers for certain operations and pave the way for accelerated growth.

Commenting on the proposals, ParaZero’s CEO, Eden Attias, said: “The proposed FAA regulations are a step in the right direction for the US market to conform to similar standards already operating in other jurisdictions. They make good sense for an industry looking to expand and allow widespread commercial applications in construction, news and media, agriculture, first response and more.

He added: “For the unmanned aircraft industry, the proposed new regulations are the equivalent of requiring all cars to contain airbags as a standard safety feature. They provide significant commercial opportunities for ParaZero, particularly as the inclusion of our parachute safety system has already been approved by the FAA in waiver applications for flights over people.”

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