ParaZero SafeAir opens up possibility for flight over people after compliance green light


ParaZero has achieved ASTM compliance for its SafeAir Phantom System.

The firm says the achievement could be used to enable operational waivers for flight over people for commercial UAS operators.

It comes after the FAA has already indicated that parachute systems that comply with F3322-18 can be used as risk mitigation as part of waiver applications.

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The SafeAir Phantom System is a smart parachute system that monitors UAS flight in real time, identifies critical failures and autonomously triggers a parachute, a flight termination system and an audio-warning buzzer.

Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero said: “Development and compliance with the ASTM standard is at the core of ParaZero’s vision. To comply with the standard, we pushed the system to its limit and tested every imaginable failure scenario.”

He continued: “ParaZero will continue expanding the safe and legal flight envelope of UAS operators by testing and certifying our safety systems for other DJI products already on the market.”

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