ParaZero secures ‘commercially significant milestone’ of 100 FAA waivers

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ParaZero has secured the commercially significant milestone of 100 FAA waivers granting flights over people in the U.S. for companies using drones equipped with PRZ’s SafeAir system.

The ability to secure authorisations for flight over populated areas and beyond-visual-line-of- sight (BVLOS) from aviation regulators is a crucial commercial consideration for companies tapping into the commercial and civil drone market, valued by Goldman Sachs at $100bn.

100 organisations in the U.S. have now secured FAA operational waivers granting drone flight over populated areas using drones fitted with PRZ’s SafeAir system parachute technology.

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These waivers enable organisations to conduct critical drone flight operations with an expanded legal flight envelope, allowing the capture of better and more precise data, imaging, and aerial intelligence.

These developments position PRZ as a market leader in the international drone industry, with regulatory support for its technology underpinning a global expansion.

Eden Attias, chairman and chief executive of PRZ, said: “PRZ’s success in securing expanded operational approvals gives regulatory bodies around the world a clear precedent, potentially opening up new opportunities for more businesses to use the SafeAir system and creating new revenue streams for the company.”

This regulatory support recognises the effectiveness of the PRZ SafeAir parachute system to protect bystanders on the ground, prevent loss of payload, and safeguard the drone.

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