ParaZero’s drone safety system saves costly payload and rescues drone from collision

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Drone safety systems company Parazero recently came to the rescue of a drone pilot, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of payload that was mounted on the commercial drone that almost crashed.

The mission was executed by a commercial drone operator in the homeland security domain.

ParaZero’s drone safety system identified a critical failure in the flight and autonomously deployed a ballistic parachute during the customer’s operations.

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While the drone was in the air, ParaZero’s sensors continuously monitored the flight path, looking out for abnormalities.

The safety system identified a critical failure and triggered the flight termination system, shutting down the powers to the rotors. In addition, the patented parachute launcher opened the chute to full canopy in a fraction of a second, bringing the drone and expensive payload safely to the ground and minimising the impact energy.

ParaZero’s CEO, Eden Attias, said: “Our drone safety system proved yet again that it can save the drone and the payload in real-life situations. We are happy we could assist our customer in safeguarding their costly equipment during their operations, resulting in continuous operations.”

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